Finals 2020 : photos

Here are some photos from our Finals weekend 2020

You’ll notice some faces keep re-appearing, notably Peter Grant who played in three finals on Saturday and another three on Sunday. Hope you could get out of bed on Monday morning, Peter!

Nearly as busy was Jane Vincent, who played four finals across the weekend, winning three of them.
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Handicap Finals results 2019

Well done to our finalists in the Handicap Finals. This is always a good competition as the handicapping system ensures that everyone has a chance of winning through. Well done especially to Cath Pearson who retained the Mixed Doubles trophy with a new partner and to Wendy Day who competed in all three finals, only just missing out on a clean sweep of the trophies.

Event Winners Runners-up
Ladies Singles Wendy Day Cath Pearson
Mens Singles Harry Bywaters Feredico Ardiles
Ladies Doubles Wendy Day and Zana Fletcher Rachel Grey and Debra Norton
Mens Doubles Mark Hill and Mike Thornley Peter Archer and Nick Ward
Mixed Doubles Cath Pearson and Mark Elliott Wendy Day and Chris Cole

To see the results of all the matches throughout the competition, click here

Fun day June 1st

We called it our Fun Day and it certainly was fun! We combined special events with a visit from Robyn Moore who has set herself the challenge of hitting 200,000 balls in 30 days, fundraising for the BreakPoint charity with the help of Bright Ideas in Tennis. This was her first day; she had already spent the morning at the Calthorpe Park tennis courts and spent a further 4 hours with us on the hottest day of the year so far. Gosh, that seems like a huge challenge! Good luck to her. Of course, to meet her challenge she needed the help of our ballboys and ballgirls to keep replenishing her ball machine

Around the club, our coaches and Young Leaders were fully occupied running drills such as “hit the bin” challenges. We certainly had at least one winner who was very pleased with his prize of a Bright Ideas in Tennis sports top.

Other parts of the courts were just in use by families having a good time. And of course we had the usual lovely refreshments on sale.

Many thanks to everyone who made this day possible, especially Zana Fletcher (who also ran the Family Tournament in the morning!) and Debra Norton who organised the refreshments and several of the non-tennis competitions such as Guess the Weight of the Cake. Just for the record, the answer was 1250g.

Junior Tennis Festival

A HUGE Thank you to all the amazing Coaches and Leaders, Zana Fletcher, Paul Treacy, Ken Robson and Peter Fennell on parking, Debra Norton for her delicious catering, for making Saturdays Junior Tennis Festival such a great success! You were all awesome! Well done Team!

Here is a comment from one of the parents :Thanks for having us this morning, we all had a lovely time and enjoyed the activities. All your young people who were there helping and coaching were delightful!

Handicap Finals results 2018

Congratulations to everyone who won through to compete in the Finals of the 2018 Handicap Tournaments, especially to Cath Pearson who was once again a double winner. She retained the Ladies Doubles title, partnered this year by PJ Young and she won the Mixed Doubles with Darren Toes. She was nearly joined as a double winner by Chris Ezra. He won the Men’s Singles but just missed out on the Men’s Doubles, losing 31-28, 31-28 in a very close final. On one of the hottest days of the summer,it was an achievement just to play two matches!

Event Winners Runners-up
Ladies Singles Sarah Henbrey Katherine Rogers
Mens Singles Chris Ezra Mike Thornley
Ladies Doubles Cath Pearson and PJ Young Lynn McKenzie and Angela Redstone
Mens Doubles Jon Stiddard and Daniel Turner Chris Ezra and Oliver Wells
Mixed Doubles Cath Pearson and Darren Toes Alison Jameson and William Carlisle

Thank you to the umpires and Debra Norton and Ann Hanson for the delicious refreshments.

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St George’s Day quiz

OK, so it wasn’t exactly St George’s Day, but close enough to use it as our theme. Vicky Judge as always gave us a great quiz, won by St George and his Dragons. The prize for the best team name went to “The Quizzers of Oz”, though “Knights in White Cotton” must have been a very close second. There were no prizes for the best outfit. If there had been, my choice would have been Alistair and Caroline with their Scottish Saltire T-shirts – a very classy choice.

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