Winter Leagues 2020-2021

Here are the league details for the Winter 2020-2021 season. This is a “stand-alone” season which means there will be no promotions or relegations at the end of it. This decision was made in the light of the ongoing Covid 19 situation which may affect a club’s ability or willingness to put out a team in some circumstances.

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You will notice that there are some cases where a lower team appears to be in a higher division eg Ladies E is in Div 3a whereas Ladies D is in Div 3b. The two divisions are equivalent.

Team Division
Mens A Premier
Mens B Premier
Mens C Div 3B
Mens D Div 3A
Mens E Div 4A
Ladies A Premier
Ladies B Div 1
Ladies C Div 2A
Ladies D Div 3B
Ladies E Div 3A
Mixed A Premier
Mixed B Div 2B
Mixed C Div 2A
Mixed D Div 2B

Vets League

Team Division
Mixed A Div 1
Mixed B Div 1