Mix-in sessions have re-started!

The smiles say it all. The first mix-in session for many a month was on Monday May 17th with eighteen players taking part. It is so nice to be able to post a positive piece of news!

Thanks to Linda Robson for the photo

Our other mix-in sessions are Wednesdays from 6pm, Fridays from 11am and Sundays from 2pm.

Changes at the club from May 17th

Social Mix-Ins to return from Monday 17th May
Step 3 of the Government’s Roadmap is scheduled to come into force on Monday 17th May and from that date up to 30 people will be allowed to play tennis together outdoors.
We are therefore proposing to re-commence our Social Mix-in tennis programme as soon as Step 3 is implemented with sessions planned every week from 17th May as follows:-

  • Mondays – from 9am to 12 noon
  • Wednesdays – from 6pm to 10pm (Senior Members only)
  • Fridays – from 11am to 1pm
  • Sundays – from 2pm to 4.30pm
  • Please join us if you are free. No pre-registration required.

    Shared Tennis Balls
    When the Social Mix-Ins recommence from 17th May, we plan to make available shared tennis balls in the rack in the entrance hall. These balls are for use by adult members only. Please ensure that you return the balls to the rack after use and try to find any lost balls.

    This is of course subject to there being no change in the Government/LTA advice.

    Winter league 2020 – 2021

    Here are the league details for the Winter 2020-2021 season. This was a “stand-alone” season which meant it was never the intention to have promotions or relegations at the end of it.

    This information was originally posted in October 2020. It was possible to play some of the matches but given the national lockdowns in November and then from January, the season was very curtailed.

    Click on the links for results of the matches which were played.

    You will notice that there are some cases where a lower team appears to be in a higher division eg Ladies E is in Div 3a whereas Ladies D is in Div 3b. The two divisions are equivalent.

    Team Division
    Mens A Premier
    Mens B Premier
    Mens C Div 3B
    Mens D Div 3A
    Mens E Div 4A
    Ladies A Premier
    Ladies B Div 1
    Ladies C Div 2A
    Ladies D Div 3B
    Ladies E Div 3A
    Mixed A Premier
    Mixed B Div 2B
    Mixed C Div 2A
    Mixed D Div 2B

    Vets League

    Team Division
    Mixed A Div 1
    Mixed B Div 1

    Box League comes to Avondale

    Peter Archer and Chris Ezra are taking the lead in getting a box league going at Avondale. This is essentially a round robin event of singles which they describe as a great way to keep fit, a great way to improve your skills and a great way to meet new players.

    Here are some details :

    Peter and Chris will be starting with a singles box league but this can be built upon to include other categories including juniors in the future.

    For now, the box league is open to all senior, off-peak, student and senior juniors, however, off-peak members will be asked to organise their matches on weekdays during their permitted hours of play. This may make it hard to organise matches against senior members who can only play at weekends/after work and therefore, going forward, it may be that a separate box league will be set up for off-peak members if there is sufficient interest.

    To show your interest or if you have any further queries please contact Peter direct with your contact details and your level of play, i.e. A-team standard through to E-team standard, “rusty or “beginner” – peterarcher.sps@gmail.com – prior to 4 October so they can get the leagues started.

    Latest Coronavirus update : September 2020

    Our committee have once again had to grapple with issues around the coronavirus health emergency. There are two significant changes in the most recent letter from Chair Paul Treacy. Firstly, the “rule of six” is now a legal requirement which means that mix-ins for a group of 8 are no longer possible. Secondly, very limited access to the clubhouse will now be allowed. Specifically, this will only be to use the toilets. You will notice there is a Vacant / Engaged fitting on the cloakroom door (not the toilet doors). Please use this! The key benefit is that it becomes obvious if someone is waiting to use the toilet as they will be standing in the lobby. Remember, there should only be one person in the lobby at any one time.
    Click here for Paul’s letter

    Test and Trace requirements

    Paul Treacy would like to remind you about the following Test and Trace requirement.

    Version 4 of the Guidance for Tennis Venues in England COVID-19: RETURN TO PLAY – Published 13 July 2020 states: “To support NHS Test and Trace, venues should keep a temporary record of all those on site for 21 days, in a way that is manageable, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.”
    Clubspark has added a Track and Trace feature to the online court booking system which the Committee asks all members to use when booking a court.
    Here is a reminder of how to do this.

    Finals 2020 : results

    No Juniors, no formal presentation of trophies, no rain (so that was a good thing), no refreshments ( definitely not a good thing) and limited number of spectators. That didn’t stop the club having a weekend full of excellent tennis.

    Thanks to the committee who had thought through all the issues about putting on the finals in the present circumstances and to the finalists who had to play without the usual buzz around the club.Thanks as always to Zana who put in so much time putting the draws together and running the weekend.

    Here is one of my favourite photos from the weekend. You might think they had just won, but in fact they were the runners-up in the Mixed Doubles final; typical of the good spirit in which the matches were played.

    Here are the list of winners and runners-up.

    Mens Singles William Jones Peter Grant
    Mens Vets Singles Peter Grant Peter Archer
    Mens Doubles Paul Kemsley and David Pharo Peter Grant and Stuart Lamb
    Mens Vets Doubles Peter Grant and David Pharo Steve Dunne and Chris Iles
    Ladies Singles Jane Dow Jane Baldwin
    Ladies Vets Singles Ailsa Fraser Cath Pearson
    Ladies Doubles Elaine Leitch and Sam Williamson Debbie Ryder and Jane Vincent
    Ladies Vets Doubles Debbie Ryder and Jane Vincent Sally Charlton and Joan McCrossan
    Mixed Doubles Peter Grant and Jane Vincent Mark Elliott and Gill Stoney
    Mixed Vets Doubles Peter Grant and Jane Vincent Chris Iles and Sam Williamson
    Mixed Super Vets Doubles Chris Iles and Sally Charlton Peter Archer and Jill Penton

    To see more photos, click here

    Finals 2020 : photos

    Here are some photos from our Finals weekend 2020

    You’ll notice some faces keep re-appearing, notably Peter Grant who played in three finals on Saturday and another three on Sunday. Hope you could get out of bed on Monday morning, Peter!

    Nearly as busy was Jane Vincent, who played four finals across the weekend, winning three of them.
    (I hope all these images display correctly for you. The website was very unco-operative when I was trying to upload them and they seem to display differently on different platforms. Grr!)
    Click here for full results