Box League comes to Avondale

Peter Archer and Chris Ezra are taking the lead in getting a box league going at Avondale. This is essentially a round robin event of singles which they describe as a great way to keep fit, a great way to improve your skills and a great way to meet new players.

Here are some details :

Peter and Chris will be starting with a singles box league but this can be built upon to include other categories including juniors in the future.

For now, the box league is open to all senior, off-peak, student and senior juniors, however, off-peak members will be asked to organise their matches on weekdays during their permitted hours of play. This may make it hard to organise matches against senior members who can only play at weekends/after work and therefore, going forward, it may be that a separate box league will be set up for off-peak members if there is sufficient interest.

To show your interest or if you have any further queries please contact Peter direct with your contact details and your level of play, i.e. A-team standard through to E-team standard, “rusty or “beginner” – – prior to 4 October so they can get the leagues started.