Albany tournament 2018

15 players (8 male, 7 female) turned out, in incredibly hot conditions, to contest the Albany Trophy 2018. This was a really awkward number, which the computer programme didn’t like. What a pity there was not just one more lady to make it perfect. Maybe people were put off by the thought that it would be hard work. It was ! Many thanks to all those who did turn up.

There were winners, as there always is. Peter Beyer powered his way to a barely believable average of 4.8 games across the 5 rounds he played and Ailsa Fraser, who is becoming something of an Albany Trophy specialist, finessed her way to first place again in the ladies’ competition, with a superb average of 5.8 games won.

The last American Tournament of this year will be held on Monday 27th August. If you want to know what it’s like to be able to smile like Ailsa and Peter, get that date in your diary and be there !