Thank you to the committee (again!)

I posted the following on Facebook and it almost immediately started clocking up “likes” to show many of our members share my support for the committee.
Here is what I posted :

I’d like to give a huge thank you to the committee for all the work they have been doing supporting us through these strange times. I am in the privileged position of seeing all the committee minutes for posting on the website, without having to spend the time at committee meetings as such. They are dealing with very difficult circumstances with often inconsistent / contradictory statements from the LTA. Paul’s recent letter did not do justice fully to the amount of time, discussion etc which goes into their decisions. (That is meant as a compliment, Paul!)

All minutes are up on the website. You need to use a password to avoid people outside the club having access to them. Please email me at if you would like to know the password so you can read the full details of the discussions.

Now you are like Rafa Nadal

I never thought I would be able to say this … but many of us now have something in common with Rafa Nadal!

This is taken from an interview with him on the BBC website
” Nadal revealed he is only gradually returning to training, having not picked up a racquet for two and a half months.”

Scoring idea when playing singles

Now that we are all playing singles rather than doubles it has been brought to my attention that a number of players at the Club are starting to use the Albany Trophy system to provide a competitive match when one player is evidently stronger than the other. A reminder of the way this works is as follows:-

  • Each set begins in the normal way for the first game.
  • The loser of the first game starts 15-0 (or 0-15) up in the second game.
  • If they win that game, then the starting score for the next one reverts to 0-0
  • But if the same player loses again, they start the next game 30-0 (or 0-30) up.
  • If they continue to lose (!), their starting score stays at 30-0 (or 0-30).
  • Each time they win a game, their starting score drops back to 15-0 (or 0-15) or 0-0, depending on their previous advantage.
  • When the starting score is 15-0 (or 0-15), then the first point is served from the left hand side of the court.
  • Normal tie break rules apply if the set goes to 6-6.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who attended the coffee morning recently.

We raised about £520 with gift aid, a brilliant effort by lots of people and Chris Butt contributed 2 lovely paintings Pat Seymour a beautiful quilt . People brought cakes and raffle prizes and everyone was so helpful and generous . What a fantastic effort by a fantastic club .
Thank you, from Penny Roberts / Georgie Cooksey .

Fun day June 1st

We called it our Fun Day and it certainly was fun! We combined special events with a visit from Robyn Moore who has set herself the challenge of hitting 200,000 balls in 30 days, fundraising for the BreakPoint charity with the help of Bright Ideas in Tennis. This was her first day; she had already spent the morning at the Calthorpe Park tennis courts and spent a further 4 hours with us on the hottest day of the year so far. Gosh, that seems like a huge challenge! Good luck to her. Of course, to meet her challenge she needed the help of our ballboys and ballgirls to keep replenishing her ball machine

Around the club, our coaches and Young Leaders were fully occupied running drills such as “hit the bin” challenges. We certainly had at least one winner who was very pleased with his prize of a Bright Ideas in Tennis sports top.

Other parts of the courts were just in use by families having a good time. And of course we had the usual lovely refreshments on sale.

Many thanks to everyone who made this day possible, especially Zana Fletcher (who also ran the Family Tournament in the morning!) and Debra Norton who organised the refreshments and several of the non-tennis competitions such as Guess the Weight of the Cake. Just for the record, the answer was 1250g.

Ball machine

Our ball machine is now available for use. It is kept in the clubhouse and there have been two briefings about its use. Some members have already received a key to access it; others of us will be receiving a key soon. There is a manual left with it. Please look at this! Spinfire_Pro2_ManualFor your convenience, here are three screenshots about changing the settings eg for elevation (how high over the net the ball is sent). I think that the ball machine will retain the settings last used, so if a player much better than you used it last, then you might need to change things!
(Click to enlarge the image)

We passed our LTA Audit – thank you for your help

In September last year the LTA decided to end Tennismark accreditation and required that all LTA registered clubs must meet Minimum Standards in five areas, focusing particularly on Safeguarding and Health & Safety. These Minimum Standards are audited by LTA visits to the Clubs and we had our first audit on 6th February.

Following the audit I am pleased to say that the LTA confirmed that the Club meets all their Minimum Standards and in some areas we exceed them. Thank you to Paul Kemsley, our Welfare Officer for his work in preparation for the LTA visit. If you have any concerns about Safeguarding issues please contact Paul on 07747 105459. To find out more about Safeguarding at the Club click here.

Thank you to all members who completed the LTA survey which formed part of the audit. It was pleasing to note those three little words “well managed club” cropping up frequently in the survey comments and we shall follow up on suggestions made for further improvement.

PS : Paul insisted that I include the following comment from him : “You may also be interested to know that the LTA auditor was very impressed with our website – well done to Katherine and, of course, to Chris Hazell who did so much to give it such a professional look”

Safeguarding update

Members may have seen recent press comment regarding Safeguarding in Tennis. All members should be reassured that Avondale Tennis Club has appropriate Safeguarding Policies in place and these can be accessed by clicking here. If any member has any issue relating to Safeguarding at the Club please contact our Welfare Officer, Paul Kemsley on 07747 105459.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

“Thank you” from Penny :

We made £437 which is very good for a couple of hours. We were very grateful for all the support we received from everyone which once again was fantastic . Everyone is always so kind and generous with cakes gifts for raffle and spending their money !! Thank you

And a bit extra from Katherine :

We might have just spent a couple of hours but Penny and her team of bakers and helpers put in much more effort than that. Well done on a lovely event! This has been running for several years now and we wouldn’t keep coming if it wasn’t so good.

May bank holiday American tournament

The late May Bank Holiday American Tournament on Monday 28th May was again blessed with fantastic weather and a terrific turnout. The draw allowed most participants to take a breather for one round during the afternoon’s play, but for an unlucky few, it was six rounds of eight games on the bounce, with only a brief interval for the usual scrumptious afternoon tea. Kudos for the best overall performances on the day went to Mark Hill and Ailsa Fraser, both of whom showed flair, consistency and durability in achieving an average win rate of just over five and a half games for each group of eight games played with a wide variety of different partners.

Many thanks to Debra Norton and Alison Jamieson for the lovely tea.

The next American-style one day tournament is the Albany Trophy on Sunday 8th July.

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Congratulations Jamie!

Today is Jamie’s wedding day -what an amazing day to get married! Looking forward to celebrating your special day with you. It only seems like yesterday that you were that cheeky junior that used to turn up to Saturday coaching with that big smile and mischievous twinkle in your eye! Look at you now! Wishing you all the happiness in the world.xx