American Tournament May 29th

8 ladies and 6 men took part. Thankfully the rain which was forecast didn’t materialise, although conditions were quite hot and humid; a good afternoon of competitive but sociable tennis was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Steve Dunne, Kim Field, Linda Ganter and Katherine Rusbridge for the usual scrumptious afternoon tea. Congratulations to the winners Katherine Rogers and Paul Treacy. We were pleased to welcome a new member who seemed to enjoy herself and to welcome back Kim who came for the first time to the tournament at the beginning of May. Always good to see someone come back – we must be doing something right!

Next American Tournament is Sunday 23rd July. It would be nice to have all 6 courts in action throughout the afternoon.

May holiday American Tournament

Twelve of us gathered for the American Tournament on Monday May 1st, 4 ladies and 8 men so the perfect number for 2 Mixed games and 1 Mens game throughout (though it would have been nice to have had a fuller turn-out, perhaps it was the rather iffy weather that put people off). The winning man was yet again Steve Dunne with Kim Field,on her debut, and Linda Ganter coming joint first in the Ladies. The problem was we only had two bottles of wine as prizes … but Steve, like a true gentleman, agreed that the two ladies should each win a bottle and he went without. Well done to the winners and thanks to William Carlisle for running it and to Debra Norton and Linda Robson for doing the lovely tea.

The next American Tournament will be on Monday 29th May. No need to pre-book, just turn up to register at 1:15, ready to play at 1:30.

American Tournament Sunday July 31st

Thank you to everyone who took part in the American Tournament on Sunday 31st, not just as players but also running the event (William Carlisle and family) and providing the lovely tea (Debra Norton, Alison Jamieson, Ann Hanson and Linda Robson). The winning man was Andy Cholerton who only dropped 3 games out of 40 in the last 5 rounds. William Carlisle was 2nd and Steve Dunne 3rd. The ladies’ scores were very close: Gail Hunt was 3rd with an average score of 4.33 and there was a tie for first place between Katherine Rusbridge and Georgina Riches both on 4.5.

May 30th American Tournament – results

We had the perfect number of players for our American Tournament on the  May 30th public holiday – 24 so no sitting out. Not quite the perfect weather but at least there was no rain. The winners were Andy Furze and Cath Pearson. Many thanks to William Carlisle who not only organised the running of the event, he stepped in to play when one player had to withdraw injured and he even provided the substitute organisers to take over from him, namely his wife and daughter. It was good to welcome back Stuart Tibbets. Big thanks also to Joan Jones and Ann Hanson for the lovely tea.

Easter Monday American tournament 2016

Contrary to all expectations, given the weather forecast about Storm Katie, the Easter Monday tournament was played out for the most part in pleasant spring sunshine. We had 19 men and 12 ladies playing, with everyone mixing up partners over 6 rounds of competition. Congratulations to the winner on the ladies’ side : Sarah Henbrey, with Linda Robson 2nd and Alison Jamieson 3rd. On the men’s side : 3rd place went to Mark Hill and there was surprisingly a tie for 1st place, surprising as an individual’s score is the average number of games won each round, calculated to 1 decimal place. Two men ended up with exactly 6.0 – and the final surpise was that they were father and son William and James Carlisle, playing in their first American tournament with us.
Well done to everyone … and many thanks to Suzie Greenwood for organising the tournament and to Debra Norton and her team for providing a great tea.

Easter Monday American Tournament 2015

The Easter Monday American Tournament was played in lovely spring weather and this brought out 29 competitors. The event was organised for the first time by Susie Greenwood and it ran very smoothly – well done, Susie. The eventual winners after 6 rounds of “mix and match” pairings were Andy Cholerton and Kathryn Betts. The runners up were Peter Archer and Linda Robson. Congratulations to them all. Thanks to the catering team of the day – Debra Norton, Mandy Broadbent and Linda Robson – who laid on an excellent tea for us. A special mention for Andy Cholerton and Steve who just quietly took on the job of washing-up during the tea interval. And if all that wasn’t entertainment enough, we even had a successful fire drill.