Safeguarding and Reporting policies

Avondale Tennis Club is an LTA Registered Venue meaning we meet all the LTA Safeguarding Standards

LTA Registered Venue Certificate

There are a number of policies for Avondale Tennis Club relating to safeguarding as shown below. They are based on similar policies of the LTA.

If you have any concerns about Safeguarding issues, you can contact our Welfare Office, Paul Kemsley on 07747 105459

Safeguarding policy statement
This is a one page document outlining the Avondale Tennis Club policy

Safeguarding policy
The full details of our policy

A one page summary about raising a concern

Reporting a concern
A pdf to download and complete if you need to report a concern. You can also do this directly on the lta website

Diversity and Inclusion policy
This includes our Code of Conduct and our Reporting Procedure