Summer leagues 2016

Here is a summary of our teams in the summer league 2016. Please use the links for more details.

Aldershot and District league

Team Division Place Best player
Ladies A Div 1 2nd Jane Vincent
Ladies B Div 1 6th Samantha Kurlej
Ladies C Div 2 3rd Sally Charlton
Ladies D Div 3 7th Vicky Judge
Mens A Div 1 2nd Peter Grant
Mens B Div 1 6th Sam Conway
Mens C Div 2 6th Ethan Butler
Mens D Div 4 7th Paul Treacy
Mens E Div 5 4th Steve Dunne
Mixed A Div 1 5th Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 1 7th Daren Carter
Mixed C Div 2 6th Cath Pearson
Mixed D Div 4 4th Heather McCarthy

East Hants Veterans league

Team Division Place Best player
Mixed A Div 1 1st Peter Archer
Mixed B Div 2 3rd Susan Gilchrist