Test and Trace requirements

Paul Treacy would like to remind you about the following Test and Trace requirement.

Version 4 of the Guidance for Tennis Venues in England COVID-19: RETURN TO PLAY – Published 13 July 2020 states: “To support NHS Test and Trace, venues should keep a temporary record of all those on site for 21 days, in a way that is manageable, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.”
Clubspark has added a Track and Trace feature to the online court booking system which the Committee asks all members to use when booking a court.
Here is a reminder of how to do this.

Finals 2020 : results

No Juniors, no formal presentation of trophies, no rain (so that was a good thing), no refreshments ( definitely not a good thing) and limited number of spectators. That didn’t stop the club having a weekend full of excellent tennis.

Thanks to the committee who had thought through all the issues about putting on the finals in the present circumstances and to the finalists who had to play without the usual buzz around the club.Thanks as always to Zana who put in so much time putting the draws together and running the weekend.

Here is one of my favourite photos from the weekend. You might think they had just won, but in fact they were the runners-up in the Mixed Doubles final; typical of the good spirit in which the matches were played.

(I live in hope that I will be able to upload more photos soon, but despite my best efforts that is proving tricky to get right)

Here are the list of winners and runners-up.

Mens Singles William Jones Peter Grant
Mens Vets Singles Peter Grant Peter Archer
Mens Doubles Paul Kemsley and David Pharo Peter Grant and Stuart Lamb
Mens Vets Doubles Peter Grant and David Pharo Steve Dunne and Chris Iles
Ladies Singles Jane Dow Jane Baldwin
Ladies Vets Singles Ailsa Fraser Cath Pearson
Ladies Doubles Elaine Leitch and Sam Williamson Debbie Ryder and Jane Vincent
Ladies Vets Doubles Debbie Ryder and Jane Vincent Sally Charlton and Joan McCrossan
Mixed Doubles Peter Grant and Jane Vincent Mark Elliott and Gill Stoney
Mixed Vets Doubles Peter Grant and Jane Vincent Chris Iles and Sam Williamson
Mixed Super Vets Doubles Chris Iles and Sally Charlton Peter Archer and Jill Penton

To see more photos, click here

Finals 2020 : photos

Here are some photos from our Finals weekend 2020

You’ll notice some faces keep re-appearing, notably Peter Grant who played in three finals on Saturday and another three on Sunday. Hope you could get out of bed on Monday morning, Peter!

Nearly as busy was Jane Vincent, who played four finals across the weekend, winning three of them.
(I hope all these images display correctly for you. The website was very unco-operative when I was trying to upload them and they seem to display differently on different platforms. Grr!)
Click here for full results

Thank you to the committee (again!)

I posted the following on Facebook and it almost immediately started clocking up “likes” to show many of our members share my support for the committee.
Here is what I posted :

I’d like to give a huge thank you to the committee for all the work they have been doing supporting us through these strange times. I am in the privileged position of seeing all the committee minutes for posting on the website, without having to spend the time at committee meetings as such. They are dealing with very difficult circumstances with often inconsistent / contradictory statements from the LTA. Paul’s recent letter did not do justice fully to the amount of time, discussion etc which goes into their decisions. (That is meant as a compliment, Paul!)

All minutes are up on the website. You need to use a password to avoid people outside the club having access to them. Please email me at krusbridge@btinternet.com if you would like to know the password so you can read the full details of the discussions.

U-18 membership and our “Introduce a friend” scheme

Are you under 18 and interested in tennis?
Do you have a youngster at home during lockdown?

Avondale Tennis Club is offering Junior membership at a cost of £44 covering the period until 31 March 2021.
Introduce a friend before 30 September 2020 and you will BOTH receive a FREE 45-minute private joint lesson with one of our Level IV tennis coaches.

Junior members may bring a visitor at £2/visit for under-18s (£4/visit for over-18s). Number of visits restricted to 10 per year for an under-18 visitor (5 per year for an over-18 visitor).

* For more information on this offer visit: click here, or contact Zana Fletcher – avondalecoaching@virginmedia.com or 077914 822724

Now you are like Rafa Nadal

I never thought I would be able to say this … but many of us now have something in common with Rafa Nadal!

This is taken from an interview with him on the BBC website
” Nadal revealed he is only gradually returning to training, having not picked up a racquet for two and a half months.”

Scoring idea when playing singles

Now that we are all playing singles rather than doubles it has been brought to my attention that a number of players at the Club are starting to use the Albany Trophy system to provide a competitive match when one player is evidently stronger than the other. A reminder of the way this works is as follows:-

  • Each set begins in the normal way for the first game.
  • The loser of the first game starts 15-0 (or 0-15) up in the second game.
  • If they win that game, then the starting score for the next one reverts to 0-0
  • But if the same player loses again, they start the next game 30-0 (or 0-30) up.
  • If they continue to lose (!), their starting score stays at 30-0 (or 0-30).
  • Each time they win a game, their starting score drops back to 15-0 (or 0-15) or 0-0, depending on their previous advantage.
  • When the starting score is 15-0 (or 0-15), then the first point is served from the left hand side of the court.
  • Normal tie break rules apply if the set goes to 6-6.

ADLTA League results Winter 2019 – 2020

The ADLTA suspended all play in the winter 2019 – 2020 league in March at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak in this country. There were a few matches still to play and it was decided to make these draws. The tables were updated accordingly. I don’t think this affected any of our teams in terms of promotion or relegation.

(The Vets matches are run by East Hants. Their league has been suspended but there has been no decision yet about how remaining matches will be dealt with)

Team Division Position Best player
Ladies A Premier 3rd Jane Dow
Ladies B Premier 5th Sam Rush
Ladies C Div 1 2nd Katherine Rogers
Ladies D Div 3b 3rd Becky Cockerill
Ladies E Div 4 3rd Kim Field
Mens A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mens B Div 1 1st Jon Soul
Mens C Div 2b 6th Andy Mundell
Mens D Div 3a 5th Greg Smith
Mens E Div 4b 4th Chris Cole
Mixed A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 1 2nd Sam Williamson
Mixed C Div 2a 1st Mike Thornley
Mixed D Div 2b 2nd Lynn McKenzie

League promotion news : Winter 2019- 2020

Congratulations to the Men’s B and Mixed C teams for winning their leagues this winter. The Men’s B had a very exciting finish to their season as it was all decided on the very last match against David Lloyd B.The match ended in a draw which saw both teams level on sets won but as the men’s B team had won more games throughout the season they came out the winners. A tad close!