Winter Leagues 2015-2016

Please use the links below to find out details of matches during the winter 2015-2016 season.

Team Division Place Best player
Ladies A Premier 2nd Rachel Gray
Ladies B Div 1 1st Claire Davies
Ladies C Div 2a 1st Cath Pearson
Ladies D Div 3a 5th Katherine Rogers
Ladies E Div 4 2nd Georgina Riches
Mens A Premier 4th David Pharo
Mens B Div 2a 2nd Ravi Narang
Mens C Div 3a 2nd Thomas van Klaveren
Mens D Div 4b 2nd Pete Smith
Mens E Div 4a 6th Roger Moore
Mixed A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mixed B Premier 5th Daren Carter
Mixed C Div 2a 3rd Anne-Marie Baldwin
Mixed D Div 3b 4th Pete Smith