Use of floodlights

1. Only adult members of the Club may operate these lights.
2. It is a condition of our Planning Permission that the floodlights must not be used in the morning or after 10 pm at night. It is imperative that all Members comply with this condition.
3. Because of Para 2 above, the lights are timed to go off automatically at 10 pm. If this happens, the lights must still be “switched off” by the last player leaving the court.
4. The lights for Courts 1 and 2, and for Courts 3 and 4, are on the same fuseboard and switching them on at the same time may cause the supply to be overloaded and to fuse. Please, therefore, leave at least 5 minutes between switching on these 2 sets of lights. (The lights for Courts 5 and 6 are on a separate system.)
5. Lights that have been in use and are switched off take approximately 20 mins to cool down before they will re-light. Please be patient before attempting to turn them on again.
6. Do not waste power. Floodlighting is a major cost to the Club.Please fill courts already floodlit before switching on more lights – and please turn off lights where courts have been vacated, even if adjacent courts are still in use.
7. Maintenance costs money. If the lights fuse an engineer may have to be called to attend to the problem. To eliminate unnecessary callouts, please have particular regard for the instructions at Paras 4 and 5 above.
8. Problems with the floodlights. If you have any problems with the floodlights, or if any lamps fail, please report to an appropriate member of the committee. Don’t leave anonymous notes lying around the Club in hope or expectation. The Club does not employ a daily caretaker, lighting pixies or clairvoyants; and in any case we may need to discuss the circumstances of the problem with you before taking action.