Reporting accidents

It is important that we report accidents correctly and promptly. Here are a few extracts from our Health and Safety policy to remind you of what to do.  Hopefully there will be very few occasions when you need to use them!

Minor Accidents and injuries

  • The Club maintains a First Aid Kit for use in the event of minor injuries. All injuries should be reported in the Accident Report Book and a copy passed to the Secretary for filing.
  • The First Aid Kit is a clearly labelled green box located near the public telephone in the Entrance Hall. Reserve supplies and some additional items are stored in a white First Aid Box in the Storeroom, only accessible to key holders. Both are limited in their scope but should adequately cope with the more usual minor injuries likely to arise. Both contain resuscitation kits for use with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Ice is also available from the fridge, as is cold water from the water cooler. All Qualified First Aiders should acquaint themselves with the contents.
  •  Accident Report Book. It is a legal requirement for the Club to provide an Accident Report Book and this is located with the First Aid Kit near the public telephone. It is compliant with the Data Protection Act and should be used to report all accidents or injuries that occur on site. It is usual for the casualty themselves to make the report and submit it to the Committee Member named in the Report Book. However, in the event of a serious accident, when this may not be possible, the Senior Member taking charge of the situation should ensure that it is completed.

 Serious accidents or incidents

  • In the event of a serious accident or major incident, the Emergency Services should be summoned. A public telephone (not requiring payment for Emergency calls) is located in the Entrance Hall of the Club. The senior Member present (Chairman, Officers, other Committee Members, Senior Member or Senior Junior Member) should immediately take responsibility for coordinating all action and reporting the matter, both in the Accident Report Book and directly to a Committee Member.
  • It is a legal requirement that any major accident (one resulting in hospitalization in excess of 24 hours), regardless of perceived liability, is reported to the HSE.
  • It is also an insurance requirement that certain matters be reported to the insurance brokers.
  • It is, therefore, imperative that the Secretary is also alerted promptly so that the matter can be correctly followed through.
  • The club also has a defibrillator. We have run several training sessions with this though it can be used by a person who has not had that training. It gives step by step instructions about what to do. We sincerely hope that it will never have to be used.

For your information here are links to two insurance documents :

Club’s public liability insurance

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