ADLTA League results Winter 2019 – 2020

The ADLTA suspended all play in the winter 2019 – 2020 league in March at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak in this country. There were a few matches still to play and it was decided to make these draws. The tables were updated accordingly. I don’t think this affected any of our teams in terms of promotion or relegation.

(The Vets matches are run by East Hants. Their league has been suspended but there has been no decision yet about how remaining matches will be dealt with)

Team Division Position Best player
Ladies A Premier 3rd Jane Dow
Ladies B Premier 5th Sam Rush
Ladies C Div 1 2nd Katherine Rogers
Ladies D Div 3b 3rd Becky Cockerill
Ladies E Div 4 3rd Kim Field
Mens A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mens B Div 1 1st Jon Soul
Mens C Div 2b 6th Andy Mundell
Mens D Div 3a 5th Greg Smith
Mens E Div 4b 4th Chris Cole
Mixed A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 1 2nd Sam Williamson
Mixed C Div 2a 1st Mike Thornley
Mixed D Div 2b 2nd Lynn McKenzie