Update on court re-surfacing

Message from Paul : I have heard from Trevor May that they are unable to start work on courts 1 and 2 as planned on 18th March and they have proposed pushing the timetable back by one week to commence on Monday 25th March. Assuming a 2 week timetable the courts will hopefully be complete by Friday 5th April. I believe that the reason for this is a delay in work underway elsewhere because of intermittent wet weather.

This is disappointing but we always knew that there was a risk to the dates quoted and I expect we can cope but if this causes any issues please let me know as soon as possible.

Although the courts should be ready for the Smiths Cup weekend on 6th/7th April it might be prudent to restrict the entries to 10 pairs (8 playing on 4 courts with 2 pairs sitting out). Based on experience in previous years this should be OK.