Handicap tournament entries

Please follow this link to reach the entry form for this year’s Seniors Handicap Tournament. If you wish to enter a Doubles event, you do not need to specify a partner, in fact you’re not allowed to do so! Your partner will be drawn at random and then as a pair you will be awarded a handicap based on your playing ability. Similary in the Singles, you will be awarded a handicap. This means that everyone has a chance of winning through to the finals.

Another feature is that you play rally points over the best of three sets rather than conventional tennis scoring. The winner of each rally gains one point and the first to 31 wins the set. This produces fewer “big points”, no nerve-wracking serving at 15-40 for example. What’s not to like?!

Please note that the Handicap Finals Day is June 25th (reserve date in case of bad weather is July 2nd); check that you would be available to play then. (Photo is of last year’s winners)