Mini Tennis Festival March 2024

With the event due to start at 2pm, it wasn’t looking promising with about 10 minutes to go; dark skies, even a short hailstorm, but our luck was in. The rain stopped, families started to arrive and soon all the activities aimed at the youngest visitors were underway. We even had blue sky!

Some of the visitors had already taken part in their usual Saturday morning coaching session and were keen to play again. The activities were a mixture of basic ball skills and actual racquet skills. There were some seriously good young players.

The stars of the show were, as always, our Junior helpers who worked cheerfully throughout despite the fact that it remained decidedly chilly. As impressive as their manner of helping was their skill. It is not that easy to feed a ball just so for a very young child to have a chance of hitting it.

Our thanks to all the people who helped make the event a success!

Results from Finals weekend 2023

Here are the results for all the matches from Finals weekend in 2023

The accolade of competing in the longest match went to the two lady pairings. We all thought 2h 30m was long when they played the Ladies Doubles on Saturday; their Ladies Vets match was even longer at 2h 45m! The stand-out achievement in the Junior section was Oliver Casselton who won the U14 and the U16 boys singles finals. If he had entered for the U18, he may well have won that too!

U12 BoysFilip MachLuke Glennon
U12 GirlsMelissa CoxIzzy Hayward
U14 BoysOliver CasseltonAlek Mach
U16 BoysOliver CasseltonJacob Diskin
U16 Girls Amy PalmerIsla Roddick
U18Michael PalmerJacob Diskin
Mens SinglesDavid JonesBen Martin
Mens Vets SinglesPeter GrantStuart Lamb
Mens DoublesAlistair Jones and David JonesDavid Pharo and Paul Kemsley
Mens Vets DoublesDavid Pharo and Peter GrantCliff Church and Paul Hampshire
Ladies SinglesSam RushGeorgie Charles
Ladies DoublesDebbie Ryder and Jane VincentElaine Leitch and Sam Williamson
Ladies Vets DoublesDebbie Ryder and Jane VincentElaine Leitch and Sam Williamson
Mixed DoublesPeter Grant and Jane VincentMark Elliott and Gill Stoney
Mixed Vets Doubles (O50s)Peter Grant and Jane VincentAlistair Jones and Fran Jones
Mixed Super Vets Doubles (O60)Peter Smith and Ailsa FraserChris Iles and Sally Charlton
Mixed Platinum Trophy (O70s)Roger Barnacle and Val TalbotEdward Woods and Jane Woods

Finals weekend 2023 : photos

Well done to everyone who won through to the Finals, especially to our winners. A few familiar faces keep repeating in the photos : Peter Grant winning 4 finals and Jane Vincent also winning 4. The full results are in a separate post. Look out too for the post of photos of our past members helping us celebrate 50 years at Ewshot Lane. Three of our Junior winners were honoured to be presented with their trophy by the original donors who had come as our guests : the Seymour trophy for the U12 girls, the Ryder trophy for the U12 boys and the Archer trophy for the U18 boys.

Please click on an image to see a slideshow of the photos at full size

Family Tournament : July 2023

The Family Tournament is what is sounds like : a doubles event for one U18 player and one adult from the same family.

It was held on Saturday 1 July with eight families participating. Winners were Mark and Reuben; runners up David and Harry . Congratulations to everyone for taking part. Thank you to Matt Tarling for running the event.

Mini Tennis Festival

We put on our first Mini Tennis Festival on March 25th. It was well-advertised around local schools but we still had no idea how many families would come along. The event was described as starting at 1:30; by 1:45 our car park was full and our activities were well underway.

It was a wonderful couple of hours.  Lots of new faces, good weather, happy children. Just a lovely afternoon with so many youngsters (and parents!) enjoying themselves. There were some seriously good little players. How about the girl with the pink leggings and white cap? What style! Great preparation, eyes on the ball – don’t know if she hit it but it all looks good!

The clothes pegs were not a new fashion item, rather each one was the reward for success in an activity, proudly collected!

A big thank you to our coaching team, Kathy and Jamie, for organising, Zana for all the publicity, Jane and our young leaders for helping to run the activities, Debra for the delicious refreshments, Linda and Ken for car park safety and of course everybody who attended. Jamie in particular had a busy day : a full morning of coaching as usual, boundless enthusiasm during the afternoon and he still had the energy to vacuum the clubhouse when all our visitors had left.

Finals results : September 2022


Here are the results from the 2022 Finals

Event Winner Runner up
Ladies Singles Gill Stoney Sue White
Mens Singles David Jones Ben Martin
Ladies Doubles Debbie Ryder and Jane Vincent Elaine Leitch and Sam Williamson
Mens Doubles David Jones and Alistair Jones Harry Bywaters and Ben Martin
Mixed Doubles David Jones and Fran Jones Mark Elliott and Gill Stoney
Mens Vets Singles Alistair Jones Mark Hill
Mens Vets Doubles Peter Archer and Mike Thornley Stephen Dunne and Chris Iles
Ladies Vets Doubles Elaine Leitch and Sam Williamson Debbie Ryder and Jane Vincent
Mixed Super Vets Doubles Ailsa Fraser and Peter Smith Sally Charlton and Chris Iles
Platinum Vets Doubles Anita Pocock-Gulliver and Roger Barnacle Penny Roberts and Peter Fennell
Mixed Vets Doubles Sue White and Cliff Church Sam Williamson and Chris Iles
Under 10s George Dunhill Ben Baker
Under 12s Calder McFee Melissa Cox
Under 14s boys Reuben Copson Reuben Vincent
Under 14s girls Isla Roddick Amy Palmer
Under 16s boys Jacob Diskin Michael Palmer

U12 team news

We have now played two junior League matches

In the 1st, the U12s played on the 12th June away to David Lloyd Southampton. The boys had a great and close game with all the matches going to a tie break. Unfortunately the tie breaks fell the wrong way and we lost. Well done in a close match Antonis Nicolaidis and Alec Mach

The 2nd U12 match was away to Romsey. The boys again had a great game and managed a 3-0 win!! Well done Oliver Cassleton and Harry Mcintrye on your win today