ADLTA League results Winter 2019 – 2020

The ADLTA suspended all play in the winter 2019 – 2020 league in March at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak in this country. There were a few matches still to play and it was decided to make these draws. The tables were updated accordingly. I don’t think this affected any of our teams in terms of promotion or relegation.

(The Vets matches are run by East Hants. Their league has been suspended but there has been no decision yet about how remaining matches will be dealt with)

Team Division Position Best player
Ladies A Premier 3rd Jane Dow
Ladies B Premier 5th Sam Rush
Ladies C Div 1 2nd Katherine Rogers
Ladies D Div 3b 3rd Becky Cockerill
Ladies E Div 4 3rd Kim Field
Mens A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mens B Div 1 1st Jon Soul
Mens C Div 2b 6th Andy Mundell
Mens D Div 3a 5th Greg Smith
Mens E Div 4b 4th Chris Cole
Mixed A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 1 2nd Sam Williamson
Mixed C Div 2a 1st Mike Thornley
Mixed D Div 2b 2nd Lynn McKenzie

League promotion news : Winter 2019- 2020

Congratulations to the Men’s B and Mixed C teams for winning their leagues this winter. The Men’s B had a very exciting finish to their season as it was all decided on the very last match against David Lloyd B.The match ended in a draw which saw both teams level on sets won but as the men’s B team had won more games throughout the season they came out the winners. A tad close!

Summer Leagues 2019

Congratulations to the Ladies B team, Mens A team, Mixed B team and Mixed C team who all topped their division and will be promoted. The stand-out performance was Stuart Lamb in the Mens A team. He played all 10 of their matches, 30 sets in all and only dropped 3 sets all season.

Team Division Place Best player
Ladies A Premier 2nd Isabel Williams
Ladies B Div 1 1st Caro Thornley
Ladies C Div 1 3rd Cath Pearson
Ladies D Div 4 2nd Kate Stoddart
Ladies E Div 4 5th Pip Moore
Mens A Premier 1st Stuart Lamb
MensB Div 1 2nd Ethan Butler
Mens C Div 2 6th William Carlisle
Mens D Div 3 6th Chris Feeney
Mens E Div 4 7th Richard Eynon
Mixed A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 2 1st Sam Williamson
Mixed C Div 3 1st Sam Rush
Mixed D Div 4 5th Wendy Day

Success for Ladies Teams:Summer 2019

All five of our Ladies teams were successful in the Summer League. The Ladies A team came second in the Premier Division. OK, that is not first but they were up against an incredibly strong Brightwell squad who have comfortably won the division for the last three years. Our team finished well ahead of their closest rival for second place.

The Ladies B team won Division 1 and have been promoted. Well done to them! They won all their matches and secured their top place with a match to spare.

The Ladies C team, also in Division 1,had been promoted from Division 2 last season. It is notoriously difficult to retain your place when you move up but they did it easily, finishing 3rd out of the 6 teams.

Both the Ladies D and Ladies E team were in Division 4. The Ladies D team ended in second place, thus earning promotion. They had a slightly nerve-wracking end to the season but they secured their promotion place in their final match in which they won all of their sets. This is the first season that we have put out a Ladies E team. It was good to have so much interest in playing that we could manage to do this. They performed creditably ending mid-table.

Well done to all the players and a big thank you to the team captains.

Winter Leagues 2018-2019

Follow the links below to find out the standing of our teams in the Aldershot and District Winter League

Congratulations to Ladies B team, Mens B team and Mens D team for being top of their division and winning promotion.

Team Division Position Best player
Ladies A Premier 3rd Jane Vincent
Ladies B Div 1 1st Ailsa Fraser
Ladies C Div 1 6th Cath Pearson
Ladies D Div 3b 6th Linda Robson
Ladies E Div 4 2nd Susan Gilchrist
Mens A Premier 4th Jon Wilson
Mens B Div 2a 1st Ben Martin
Mens C Div 2b 2nd Tom van Klaveren
Mens D Div 4a 1st Paul Treacy
Mens E Div 5 3rd Peter Beyer
Mixed A Premier 2nd Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 1 5th Sam Williamson
Mixed C Div 2a 5th Cath Pearson
Mixed D Div 2b 6th Alison Jameson

Congratulations to Mens B team

The Mens B team had a nerve-wracking wait for the final match of their division to be played. They had finished their 10 matches and ended at the top of their division with 130 points. The only team that could overtake them had one last game and they needed 12 points to tie at the top – but they lost!
Well done to Ben Martin (captain), Harry Bywaters, Jon Soul, Richard Kurlej and Chris Iles who played the bulk of the matches between them! Division 1 next year.

What a day to have to play a match!

Sunday March 10th was windy, very windy! There was an U16 Girls match and a Ladies C match on at Avondale and everyone had to play through very blustery and showery conditions. Izzy and Nina didn’t quite manage to get a win, though they with Ciaro and Emma had a good win earlier in the season. Well done to them though for trying their best on such a difficult day! The Ladies C team did win their match – well done to them too!

The Ladies B team had an away match that day. They gained enough points to secure their promotion to the Premier Division next season. So congratulations all round!

Congratulations to Mens D team

Congratulations to the Mens D team. They already have enough points to be sure of promotion to the next division and they have achieved this with two matches to spare. Their current total is 92 with the next closest club having only 56 and they cannot win enough points in the remaining matches to catch our team. Well done!

Summer League 2018

Here are all the results from the 2018 Summer League. Congratulations to three of our teams who have won promotion : Ladies C, Mens B and Mixed A. Click on the relevant Division link for more information.

Team Division Position Best player
Ladies A Premier 2nd Sam Kurlej
Ladies B Premier 5th Caro Thornley
Ladies C Div 2 1st Katherine Rogers
Ladies D Div 4 5th Carol Ann Harrison
Mens A Premier 2nd Stuart Lamb
Mens B Div 2 1st Ben Martin
Mens C Div 3 3rd Jon Clackett
Mens D Div 3 5th Andy McElligott
Mixed A Premier 2nd Sam Kurlej
Mixed B Div 1 6th Chris Iles
Mixed C Div 3 4th Cath Pearson
Mixed D Div 4 4th Lynn McKenzie

Winter Leagues 2017 – 2018

Aldershot and District LTA League

For more details about the teams, click here

Team Division Position Best player
Ladies A Premier 2nd Kathryn Betts
Ladies B Premier 6th Sally Charlton
Ladies C Div 2b 1st Zana Fletcher
Ladies D Div 3b 5th Lorraine Kurlej
Ladies E Div 3a 7th Linda Robson
Mens A Premier 4th Peter Grant
Mens B Div 1 5th Jon Soul
Mens C Div 2a 4th Harry Bywaters
Mens D Div 3b 5th Santtu Asp
Mens E Div 4a 6th Chris Cole
Mixed A Premier 4th Peter Grant
Mixed B Div 1 4th Daren Carter
Mixed C Div 2a 4th Val Talbot
Mixed D Div 3a 2nd Lynn McKenzie

East Hants Vets

Team Division Position Best player
Mixed A Div 1 2nd Peter Archer
Mixed B Div 2 2nd Suzie Greenwood

Congratulations to Ladies C team

Wow! What a season the Ladies C team has had, winning their division with 156 points where their nearest rivals has 112. Of their 10 matches, they won 7 of them 16 – 0 and had a record over the season of winning 91% of their sets. It was a really stop-start season for them with assorted cancellations for the weather. They only finished their season on March 31st (usually matches are finished by the end of February). Indeed they had 4 of their matches in March.

Many congratulations to all of the team, especially to their best player Zana Fletcher who played in 6 of the matches and won all of her rubbers.